• An infrared scan of your flat roof is a non-inasive diagnostic tool that will pinpoint problem areas by localizing areas to be repaired, often saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. Thermography is a technique in which, an infrared gun is used to photograph and measure temperature variations in industrial and commercial roofs.

    Thermal imagers accurately measure the temperature variations of building materials. These variations can indicate problems in the building’s roof system. Roof MDs utilizes the latest technology, Infrared Cameras, and can provide you with an extremely accurate scan and report of underlying wet or damaged roof insulation.

    Infrared scans would normally cost you $1500 to $10k for larger roofs. Roof MDs provides this service for free as part of a reroof quote or repair.

  • A leak that occurred by a vent and saturated the poly-iso board beneath. This infrared scan quickly located the leak, identified what area of the roof needed to be replaced, and saved money in the repair due to accuracy of the quote. Technology allows us to save you money.

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